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I love when people I have never met in real life send me emails about dreams I was in. The recurring themes I keep hearing about are where I am a healer, a teacher or a guide. Another is where they can hear my voice and it’s very calming and brings a sense of well being but they can’t remember what I was saying.

These just light up my heart .

We are doing some great work through our dreams! I am so proud of those who are awakening with me. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life and thank you again for sharing ♥

This one made me emotional for sure:

” I had a dream I was going through some tests and I had guides guiding me through them.

One of the guides was you or someone who looked like you.

You guided me to my mom’s back patio where there were horizontal beams of energy like space crafts, but I don’t really want to use that word because of its negative connotation.

Anyway you encouraged me to face my fears and look at them and acknowledge them. then you told me to let them in because they wouldn’t hurt me and to let them pass through me, so I went outside with you and I let the light pass through me which was an intense overwhelming feeling, like my whole body was rearranged, but it was good to face some fears. “

Dreams healing mailbag

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Last night I dreamt that someone had brought me a vase of sixteen pink roses.

I went through and felt and smelled each one. I was so touched. They were beautiful.

Then, I was in an airport/hotel, returning a cat/toddler (I know…cats and babies are often fused in my dreams) to a woman in a wheelchair who then proceeded to smother the poor thing. The woman at the front desk was behind me going, “Adelle!…….Adelle!…..Adelle!…..Adelle!”

I turned around and mimicked her, annoyed, “CAN….YOU ….STOP…..THAT… PLEASE…..”

After I was done what I was doing, I went over to her desk.

“You rang?” I said sarcastically. HAHAHA I am always tickled when I have attitude in my dreams…lol!!

“I just wanted to make sure you got your emails”. She handed me a post it note and explained that the person in charge of caring for the insects  that I kept in a jar had let one out and it got killed. I was annoyed.

“What kind of bugs are those anyways?” She asked, grossed out.

Lepidoptera” I said smugly.  In my dreams, I thought that meant a type of fruit fly.

I just googled that word. And what I found was this: