Published October 1, 2014 by

There are 72 people signed up to hear me speak on Sunday and I am thrilled but wary.

I have been sick since coming back from the UK. Head pressure weirdness. Neck problems. I went for the second of my 3 massage appts this week today and something happened to let me know that I was supposed to be there. At that time.

It feels good to know that these issues have a purpose. Otherwise I would just see it as my body’s payback for the croissants. Aren’t you supposed to eat that in London? Like multiple times a day?  I wish I could give you an inside secret here about how I eat so badly when I travel but that’s really not true.

Well actually… maybe it is. I eat the fruits and fresh pressed juices and salads that I usually have at home but I will also eat stuff I would never eat at home. Like croissants. And a bite or two of airplane food. And room service nachos with “tomahto relish” (lol)


Oh and there was also the thai fusion restaurant with my aunt and cousins (apparently in London it’s totally cool to have more than one of the same restaurant on the same street! lolzy)

And buckingham palace bubble tea (much too sweet).

I have a very important message for those people on Sunday. I only ask that my heart be open and my voice guided.

And that this muscle tension lets up already!