The sliver of a perfect rainbow slides into view under my bedroom door for just a moment and then retreats. An invitation. Hey you, it’s sunny outside.

There are no windows or mirrors in the room I have chosen for a bedroom in my house. At night, it is like a sleep chamber and once the small reading lamp is out, I am gone til morning where I then watch sleepily from the bed to see sunlight and the reflection from the spinning crystals in the window sill try to creep in under the door.

I got out my journal this morning. Wow. This past year will definitely have been the best and craziest chapter of my life. So far, anyway.

There is a new beginning in the air.

Last week I was in Calgary wrapping up my 9 month participation in the Calgary Association of Professional Speakers fast track program. I also had a dental appointment so I decided to stay a few days and treat myself, staying at my favorite new hotel.

That night I was getting ready to go out and when I went to put my tray outside my hotel room, I had two thoughts:

  • why do they make these doors and trays so heavy?
  • maybe I should be wearing a shirt when I do this?

Of course, after I struggled the door open with my elbows, I dropped the tray, tried to not drop it and subsequently locked myself out of the room wearing just a bra and some yoga pants. The door across the way opened at that moment and an older, distinguished looking woman stopped midsentence and dead in her tracks, eyes widening.

“Oh, hi! I’m sorry, I got locked out. Can I use your phone to …hello?”

She slowly stepped out of the doorway and back into the room. Click.


A few doors down, I could hear some voices and two women were coming out of their room.  They were a godsend of course. I perched on their desk while they sat on the 2 queen beds in the room. We chatted casually, laughing. There is something about me that makes strangers think I have answers about things, apparently even when I’m in my underwear in public. They ask me for advice. Most of the time, I like it.

We had a micro relationship, those women and I, in my almost naked vulnerability, waiting for the concierge in his top hat to let my half almost naked self back inside my room.

But that interaction with those ladies in the face of an awkward and potentially unpleasant situation has pretty much been the norm for me this year.

The things I have been through have been extremely crazy. But to me, they were actually pretty great because I got to meet and be supported by truly amazing people.

There is not one single thing I would have changed.

I heeded a call to head out here this year and it was the catalyst for a domino effect of strange occurrences, serendipitous opportunities and amazing connections.

Change is in the air and I have no idea what to expect next but I am excited.



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