Last night I dreamt that someone had brought me a vase of sixteen pink roses.

I went through and felt and smelled each one. I was so touched. They were beautiful.

Then, I was in an airport/hotel, returning a cat/toddler (I know…cats and babies are often fused in my dreams) to a woman in a wheelchair who then proceeded to smother the poor thing. The woman at the front desk was behind me going, “Adelle!…….Adelle!…..Adelle!…..Adelle!”

I turned around and mimicked her, annoyed, “CAN….YOU ….STOP…..THAT… PLEASE…..”

After I was done what I was doing, I went over to her desk.

“You rang?” I said sarcastically. HAHAHA I am always tickled when I have attitude in my dreams…lol!!

“I just wanted to make sure you got your emails”. She handed me a post it note and explained that the person in charge of caring for the insects  that I kept in a jar had let one out and it got killed. I was annoyed.

“What kind of bugs are those anyways?” She asked, grossed out.

Lepidoptera” I said smugly.  In my dreams, I thought that meant a type of fruit fly.

I just googled that word. And what I found was this:


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