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Thanks to everyone who came out to the live Q&A the other day and congrats to the prize winners!


Time stamps are slightly off but hopefully they help!

10:30 Living in the mountains, what I am up to
11:20 Affirmations
14:00 What do I do?
18:45 Advice for fear and anxiety
22:10 How to live a more fulfilling life
23:25 How our personalities develop
24:47 Want to start a business but don’t know what you’re good at?
28:23 How to get an ex friend back?
29:26 Do you need an expensive camera to start YouTube?
30:06 Do you believe in God?
31:19 Making money on Amazon
32:50 Giveaways!
37:43 Can I sing?
40:36 Getting over yourself to make videos
42:01 Dieting tips
43:25 What kind of work is worthwhile?
45:30 Tips for starting a YouTube channel
46:07 Can I do a flawless skin routine?
47:59 When did I decide to be childfree?
48:20 Do I still live in Las Vegas?
54:00 buying STUFF
55:24 Profiting from misfortune?
1:00:04 Did I get voice coaching?
1:00:09 The date for my next book?
1:01:40 Maintaining interest
1:02:12 Racial tension
1:00:04 Favorite city in Canada?
1:04:04 How do I stay so calm and peaceful?
1:04:36 What is my favorite color?
1:04:56 Race obsession in the US
1:09:53 Riddle me this!
1:10:35 Media influence on your brain?
1:12:02 What relatives do I stay in contact with?
1:14:20 Guessing answers to the riddle
1:16:26 Prize winners!!!!
1:19:54 Am I still vegan?
1:22:03 What messages are people getting from my channel?
1:23:43 I shared a dream and it backfired!
1:25:48 How to actually promote your videos properly!
1:28:59 Channel pitches from viewers
1:30:27 Advice to release anger
1:34:30 More viewer channel pitches!
1:39:10 More winners!!
1:41:31 Getting help with your YouTube channel
1:46:55 Integrity
1:47:30 Goodbye and important message


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“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Inspiration Life

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If you are not okay with yourself, do not have children. They will scream your truth from the tallest peak.

With or without voices.



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I think about death more than most people I think.

I am curious and excited about it, like a GIANT birthday that only comes once, bursting with the possibilities of an unimaginable unknown.

It is incredibly romantic to me (which means something that I enjoy feeling strong emotions over).

Lately I am overwhelmed by the beauty in pain.