Phase II

Wow.. recently realized how much I miss writing here.

So much has changed.

Everything has changed.

I suppose that is what happens when you move to one of the most windy, wild and magical places in the Rocky mountains, dig your nails into the soil, have the sun warm your eyelids and let the wind tousle your hair and flirt with the hem of your dress.

Change happens when you face death with quiet acceptance, curiosity and gentleness knowing that if you are meant to live then nothing can take you.


That was when everything lined up for me. Everyone showed up for me.

My life was the best it had ever been even though I was in hospital surrounded by frantic doctors and nurses, writing wills and reviewing my life a lot over the past year.

How are you so calm? I’d just smile.

Do you have any family to notify? No.

I am in the second phase of the upgrade I took on about 7 months ago.

My body has been upgraded emotionally and spiritually, now is the time to strengthen it physically. And all manners of the perfect teachers and inspirations in this regard keep finding their way into my life.

That is the final frontier for me, the one challenge that I have wrestled with since childhood. The health and strength of my body.

I abandoned it, unable to face the pain alone. I retreated into books and creating, which in it’s own way served me greatly. Now, I am accepting support and inspiration for me to get back into my body. To be strong in my creaturehood as a mammal on this earth in the prime of her life.

I watch the deer and the elk out here almost daily and their easy beauty and grace is something I never tire of. They just eat grass! And drink rainwater. They stick together, always eyeing me suspiciously.

I seek to touch that level of purity in just being a beast and a creature as far as my physicality is concerned. My prefrontal cortex can just take a back seat now.

I have so much to do.


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