I love to get out and about, seeing new things, meeting new people, taking awkward pictures of strangers everywhere that I go. I truly relish the intrigue of the possibility of a chance word from a foreign stranger impacting someone’s life forever.

I am born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. You will usually find me here! UPDATE: I made the move I have been wanting to for so long now and can now be found in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Alberta! UPDATE: After a beautiful year in the mountains, I now live in Calgary AB. Life is good :)


PS: There are a lot of spontaneous, last minute things that come up for me as well. If you would like to know, just ask :)

October 2015: Los Angeles, California

July 2015: San Francisco, California

June 2015: Palm Springs, California

May 2015: Los Angeles, California 

March 2015: Las Vegas, Nevada

March 2015: Calgary, Alberta

February 2015: Los Angeles, California

November 2014: Los Angeles, California

October 2014: Miami, Florida (tentative)

September 2014:  London, England

July 2014: Los Angeles, California

June 2014: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

January 2014:

Topanga, California

Los Angeles, California

Desert Hot Springs, California

November 2013: Calgary, Alberta

June 2013: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Rescheduled February 2013: Sedona, Arizona

December 21, 2012 : Chicheniza, Yucatan Mexico

December 19-26, 2012: Cancun, Mexico

December 27, 2012:  Toronto, Ontario

November 2012: Canmore, Alberta

August 2012: Quebec city, Quebec

August 2012: Provo, Turks and Caicos Islands

March 2012: Kelowna, British Columbia

December 2011: Provo, Turks and Caicos Islands

September 2011: Sacramento, California

September 2011: Las Vegas, Nevada

September 2011: Sedona, Arizona

August 2011: San Francisco, California

August 2011: Reno, Nevada




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